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It is my pleasure and a privilege to be joining acclaimed author and writer James LaFond in the launch of Gender in Fiction: His Take/Her Take, where we will be examining gender and sexuality in classical and contemporary literature.

Visit jameslafond.com to share in reviews of works that continue to shape how gender is portrayed -- our newest joint review will be a fun look at Queen of the Black Coast by Robert E. Howard (author of Conan). Join us for masterpieces and mistakes.


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I am delighted to launch this early draft of the cover for the upcoming short fiction horror anthology:  DTME-cover-v02h


I am pleased to have reeleased: Rhumbline - Brand New! Book 3 of the TAU4 Series and
Looking Glass - Re-tooled and eerily polished.

Page of Wands
Brand - New! 
Book 3 of the RABBIT HOLE Series

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VJ Waks World Without Teeth


Coming Soon to A Galaxy Near You

Winner at the  2013

San Francisco Book Festival Award SciFi/Fantasy

Winner at the 2012

London Book Festival Award SciFi/Fantasy

LOOKING GLASS, the second book in the award-winning RABBIT HOLE series, will be available in August on Kindle.  The printed edition will launch on Amazon.com August 2013.

Guildford & Surrey

guildford-castle-dayx200"Several of my screenplays and the Rabbit Hole Series owe their flavour and authenticity to the U.K, in particular the town of Guildford and its beautiful setting in the Surrey countryside, are featured in the Rabbit Hole series, and in my screenplays."


Learn more about them here:

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The Lewis Carroll Society of the UK

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Rabbit Hole


From V.J. Waks, author of the Award-winning Science Fiction series


comes a  new Award-Winning Dark Fantasy Novel …. RABBIT HOLE.

Catapulting off the genius of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories,

RABBIT HOLE leads the reader along a much darker and more twisted path,

where a young hero battles through a startling, visually stunning land –

where wonder walks hand-in-hand with death. 

Love … Hate.

Life … Death.

What lies between them

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Reader Quotes

"Set in modern England, Waks' story takes you down the rabbit hole into a dark and dangerous world where Lewis Carroll's Wonderland characters are far more dangerous and menacing. Waks moves the story along rapidly, with each short chapter actively moving the plot line ahead. V.J. Waks has a highly visual writing style, it is easy to see what the characters are experiencing. You can imagine how this story would be presented in a movie. This is not a story for young children, but teenagers who read fantasy will get it right away and fans of Lewis Carroll will see their familiar settings extended in unexpected ways." - Ross

"Loved Tau and Hammerspace, so was curious about the Rabbit Hole. Loved the association with Alice in Wonderland, but don't assume that lets you know what happens next. Beautiful imagery, magic, mystery, adventure. A great read." - Lagioconda

"VJ Waks LOVES words and strings them together in her own beautiful unique way to create the imaginary world she writes about. If you like fiction, I expect you will enjoy having a peak into her creative vision." - Terry

Now Available!

RHUMBLINE, Book 3 in the TAU4 Series

A true heading – a course that cuts and connects every point in its path – a line.

A line whose source is truth, a force that defies the vagaries of fate – a line that leads to justice.

It is a line drawn in the sand, dividing right and wrong; mercy, and vengeance.

It is a line drawn in blood.

Where the quest for justice – and for vengeance – will find its resolution.

Where the limits of Time and Space will again be tested.

Where courage will take a stand against the forces of savage greed – and the threat of world dominion.

Where the fates of many will play out along the line of destiny – the RHUMBLINE.

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British Screwball Comedy
Screenplay Synopses

(Nicholl's Quarter-Finalist Script)
"Loving Lord H."

Looking Glass Arrives

looking-glassx140To a place once safe and sane, madness and worse has come. It has come as a frenzied wave of horror and death -- a change in the nature of space and time --a challenge to return, to combat once again an Evil that hungers for more than mere dominion --

It seeks the Future itself.

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Award Winning Science Fiction



Book Two of the award-winning TAU4 series.

Desire, deception, possession - once more, nothing is as it appears to be, as the story of Gerda Tau continues.

The destruction of a secret laboratory and the loss of the morph and her creator - hopelessly captive on Altair's prison moon, Col Adrian has much to regret.

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Award Winning Science Fiction


TAU4 - Book One

On a distant planet of the Homeworld Alliance, Dr. Stephen Weller, acclaimed expert in behaviour, is about to penetrate one of the great mysteries of his field.

After months of determined planning and care, he will finally enter Altair Base, a high security experimental research facility, whose dark work has as its only focus the war efforts against the hostile planets of the Outworlds.

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