His Take, Her Take

It is my pleasure and a privilege to be joining acclaimed author and writer James LaFond in the launch of Gender in Fiction: His Take/Her Take, where we will be examining gender and sexuality in classical and contemporary literature.

Visit jameslafond.com to share in reviews of works that continue to shape how gender is portrayed -- our newest joint review will be a fun look at Queen of the Black Coast by Robert E. Howard (author of Conan). Join us for masterpieces and mistakes.

A native New Yorker, V.J. WAKS drew early inspiration from an upper level Science degree and from her work on the release of STARGATE.

Nicholl’s Fellowship Quarterfinalist screenplay writer, V.J. is the creator of the TAU4/HAMMERSPACE Science Fiction series, and the RABBITHOLE/LOOKING GLASS series

V.J. currently has two award-winning novel series, screenplays, and a new short-fiction horror anthology DARKER THAN MY EYES, which includes the military SciFi prequel THE ENEMY WITHIN. 


Her short Horror fiction has appeared in DragonRoots Anthologies 2010 and 2011.

Reader Quotes

VJ Waks LOVES words and strings them together in her own beautiful unique way to create the imaginary world she writes about. If you like fiction, I expect you will enjoy having a peak into her creative vision.